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Making Followers of Jesus Christ Who make a difference wherever they are

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What do a student, window cleaner, young mum and a retired firearms officer have in common?

They are all part of St John's and working out how to follow Jesus in everyday life and they've all found or deepened their faith through Alpha

Alpha now runs in every part of the global church, including the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and all mainline Protestant denominations. Alpha runs at St John's Clayton. To find out more call 01274 880373

What's In Our DNA?

Loving God, the world and each other. Living life to the max by flourishing as individuals and as a community. Learning through constant curiosity, listening to each other and failing forward!   

We see the one God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) changing our lives - so we know he can change yours - whatever your background, situation or circumstances.

What's Your Story?

Young people, young adults, and seniors were among eight people confirmed or baptised by the Bishop of Bradford, Toby Howarth. Local people, with loads of questions on a journey of faith in God - all with their story of life and faith.  Whatever your faith story and whatever questions you have - St Johns is a place to travel further - together.

Why Do People Love the Bible Course?

Did you know that the Bible isn't just one book - it's 66 books! It includes history, poetry, love stories, miracles and apocalyptic prophecies. And we're just getting started. A lot of the phrases we use daily come straight from the "good book" including "iron sharpens iron" and "the blind leading the blind".   Over 30 people completed this six session course. They loved exploring the big story together. If you love learning, you'll love it too.  Want to be on the   Bible Course? Call 01274 880373 or email now.

Homeless Shelter
@ St Johns Clayton

 St John's Clayton hosted 12 homeless men for one cold week in February as part of the city wide Inn Churches project. The Clayton Community joined in big time. Chiropodist, hairdressers, fundraisers, donations of clothes and food. Over 50 volunteers were cooking hot dinners, big breakfasts, driving the minibus, and staffing. It made a massive impact and it was minus three outide. Yes -3! We're doing it again in Feb 2020